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NBA Writer Says Kawhi Leonard Could Sign With Knicks If Clippers Lose Series vs. Mavericks


Kawhi Leonard and his Los Angeles Clippers aren't having the best time in the 2021 NBA playoffs. After reportedly tanking to avoid the Los Angeles Lakers early in the playoffs, the Californians are now down 0-2 against the Dallas Mavericks, losing the first two games of the series at home. 

This has obviously set the alarms for the Clippers. Kawhi is yet to sign a contract extension with the team and if they are unable to transcend this season, they could be in a very bad position ahead of next campaign. 

NBA writer has dropped the idea of what Kawhi's future might look like, floating the idea that one team could snatch the Klaw from the Clippers' hands. Frank Isola joined ESPN's KJZ (1:04), where he said Leonard to the Knicks rumors could start 'by the weekend.'

Via Essentially Sports

"If they end up losing this, with Kawhi with an ability to opt-out, let the Kawhi to the Knicks rumors start by the weekend.”

However, Isola won't put him at the same level of other great players. He thinks there are levels to this and LeBron James and Kevin Durant will always be ahead of Leonard for the writer. 

“The guy is an unbelievable player. He’s 2x FMVP, but let’s remember the championship they won in Toronto that’s great, Kevin Durant only played 12 minutes in that series. The 12 minute his team plays they won. I was in Brooklyn last night and saw Kevin Durant, I saw what LeBron James did last night. if you’re asking me to draft a player today, I’m gonna take LeBron James & Kevin Durant before I take Kawhi Leonard.”

Somehow, the Golden State Warriors have been linked with Leonard, too, but it's unclear how they would pull this move off. The forward is still one of the best players in the league and even if he fails to lead the Clippers this season, he won't miss suitors if he hits free agency.