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Nets Coach Steve Nash On Kyrie Irving: "We’re Going To Have To For Sure Play Without Him This Year."

Kyrie Irving

When the Brooklyn Nets acquired Kyrie Irving in 2019, it's fair to say they didn't have a clue what they were signing up for.

As great as Irving is on the court, his decision-making when it comes to everything else is questionable at best.

Before he ever signed with the Nets, he had a history of making headlines for his taboo beliefs, and sometimes to the detriment of his team.

Now, with Kyrie Irving set to miss at least half the season, the franchise is finding out first-hand the kind of drama he can bring to a locker room.

Speaking on the situation with Irving, and his availability for this upcoming season, Nets coach Steve Nash was quite blunt in stating the reality of the situation.

(via Brian Lewis)

Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving: "I think we recognize he’s not playing home games. We’re going to have to for sure play without him this year. So it just depends on when, where and how much."

Steve Nash said there’s been positive news on the Millsap front, but still doesn’t have a timetable.

Obviously, it's not ideal for the Nets to be without their best player for half the season. No doubt, it will interfere with their performance throughout the upcoming campaign.

Of course, a team as good as the Nets should be able to stay afloat in his absence.

"I still think they can win it with him playing this way," said NBA legend Charles Oakley. "You still have James Harden and KD, two of the top five players in the league. So, add him on the roll and it'd be a plus but they weren't healthy last year. So you think if James Harden come back healthy this year with KD healthy -- they can still win it even if Kyrie only players half of the season."

The real problem for Brooklyn will be in the playoffs. If Kyrie continues his vaccination holdout up to that point, it makes it much harder for Brooklyn to advance deep into the East bracket.

Nevertheless, Irving doesn't seem swayed by how his actions might impact his team. He's going to do what he wants to do, and there really doesn't seem to be anyone who can change his mind.