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Nick Wight Defends LeBron James Against Superteam Claims: '7 Years The Best Teammate LeBron Ever Played With Is Mo Williams'


Nick Wright has come in LeBron James' defense against Charles Barkley's comments bashing the Los Angeles Lakers superstar for creating superteams. 

While addressing the never-ending GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Barkley sided with the Chicago Bulls legend. He gave his flowers to LeBron, but somehow discredited the King's career due to having a lot of talent on his "stacked" teams

"Jordan. LeBron is amazing. What he's done in the community is amazing. In fairness, I wouldn't even put LeBron past Kobe, let's get that out of the way. I want to be fair. The reason I put Michael up there, above those other guys. LeBron has stacked his teams, let's be realistic."

These comments sparked a lot of reactions around the league, with people defending or attacking LeBron. One of James' biggest defenders, Nick Wright, fired back at Chuck, reminding him and the rest of LeBron's detractors that he had to play with poor teams during this first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

"What do you call 7 years when the best teammate LeBron ever played with is Mo Williams? There is no comp in NBA history for what he had."

In case you don't remember, LeBron led the Cleveland Cavaliers to record incredible seasons, even winning 66 games in one of those. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to win during his first tenure with the team. 

After those first seven years, he took his talents to Miami, joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to create a Big 3. That was the beginning of the superteam era for Bron. 

He would do the same in Cleveland, teaming up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, winning the 2016 NBA championship. In his fourth season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bron is part of a team with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. This also earned him a lot of criticism, but the King seems to be fine with that. 

Being the great player he is, LeBron will always polarize fans. You either love him or hate him, but you can't stop talking about him.