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Nick Young Says He Also Wants To Fight Luke Walton: "That Would Be A First-Round Knockout."

Nick Young Says He Also Wants To Fight Luke Walton: "That Would Be A First-Round Knockout."

Nick Young has been very active in calling people out to get with him in the ring. The former Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors player apparently has some unfinished business on both teams, and he's willing to settle them by throwing punches, according to some recent statements. 

During a recent conversation with Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Young opened up on the people in the NBA that he'd like to fight. Of course, the first name that came to his mind was his former teammate D'Angelo Russell, who recorded Young admitting he cheated on his then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea. 

“Of course, you know, D-Lo – D’Angelo,” Young said

However, that wasn't the only specific name he mentioned during his interview and even went with one of his old coaches, claiming he would take him out in the first round of a hypothetical bout. 

Nick Young Says He'd Knock Luke Walton Out In The First Round Of A Match

Mannix just delivered the full piece on Young's comments, revealing more details of who he'd like to face in the ring. Swaggy P explained that even his former Lakers coach would be a good rival for him, but he'd take him out in just one round. 

“And Young wasn’t finished,” Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated wrote. “’Some guys on the Lakers,’ Young told me. ‘Some guys on the Warriors.’”

“Anyone else?

“’Luke Walton,’ Young said.

“His ex-Lakers coach?

“’That would be an easy one,’ said Young. ‘That would be a first-round knockout.’”

Nick revealed that he's not new to boxing, making it clear that he won't come out doing crazy stuff, but boxing like a pro to give people a nice show.

“I've been doing this for a while,” Young told me. “I'm not just going to come in there being wild and throwing wild punches. I'm going to shock a couple of people.”

Young was getting ready to face rapper Blue Face in an exhibition card next Saturday, but now he'll have to wait to see if they can get him a new opponent. Mike Coppinger of ESPN reports that Blue Face doesn't have a license from the California State Athletic Commission, and now promoters need to move quickly or Swaggy P won't have a rival for this fight.