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Paolo Banchero And Dejounte Murray Beef On Social Media After Chippy Pro-Am Interaction: "Unfollowed Me On The Gram And Everything, It Must Be Personal..."

Paolo banchero dejounte murray

There have definitely been times when we have seen NBA players beef with one another. The reasons for those arguments vary, but it is clear that NBA players are no strangers to having rivalries and going at one another.

The most recent NBA beef is between All-Star Dejounte Murray and recent No. 1 pick, Paolo Banchero. The two players have taken a series of jabs at one another on Instagram, following a pro-am game where Dejounte Murray managed to get an insane dunk on Paolo Banchero.

Paolo Banchero: Unfollowed me on the gram and everything huh, it must be personal. That's fine, just make sure you guard up next time and stop sending doubles family.

Dejounte Murray: You tried to flex that No. 1 pick s*it on me when I been rooting for you when you was a kid asking to rebound for me. Don't get on this Internet and start saying nothing... You changed from the humble kid you always was and I stand on real shit boy... You made it and changed and I lost all respect. Stay humble. This life you in now is real and ain't no joke. I still want to see you win cause that's who I am.

Paolo Banchero: Same humble kid always vouched for you bro. Don't switch the narrative for the internet.

It remains to be seen if there will be any further updates on this situation. Some people have suggested that this beef may run deeper than basketball, and it is easy to see why people would come to that conclusion.

Hopefully, though, we see this resolved in an amicable manner. Obviously, arguments and altercations between players aren't usually resolved in a day, and it may take some time. However, it is likely that most fans want to see the two players make peace with one another, and continue playing basketball.