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Patrick Beverley Disrespects LeBron James, Slaps Him On The A** Mid-Game

Patrick Beverley Disrespects LeBron James, Slaps Him On The A** Mid-Game

It was another sour night for the Los Angeles Lakers, who suffered another brutal loss at the hands of a Western Conference opponent.

This time, however, things got a little more intense thanks to Patrick Beverley.

Before the second half, he was seen calling the Lakers "trash" as he plugged his nose.

During the same moment, he even disrespected LeBron James by slapping him on the a** in front of the whole world to see. It was a crazy display of disrespect, and quite shocking that James didn't even react.

Unfortunately, this sort of humiliation has been the norm for the Lakers all season long. Game after game, they come out looking flat, uninspired, and completely dysfunctional.

With another loss in the books, the Lakers are now 11 games under .500 and are running out of time to improve their standing.

Worse still, is that the Lakers are wasting a season as their Championship window closes fast.

"Very short window," Davis said, via ESPN. "We don't know how long he has left in this league. Phenomenal player, future Hall of Famer, and to be able to play alongside him, you want to take advantage of it. We did the first year. Last year we both were banged up, and then this year, it's [injuries] again but more so me. So every day it's closing. That's another frustrating part. A lot of guys don't get to play with talent like that. I have the opportunity to do so. ... I want to take advantage of that time."

"He has another year left with the Lakers ... and then who knows? I don't know what he's going to do. So we got this year and next year to try to take advantage of that and get another ring out of it."

Morale is low, as it should be. The Lakers have nothing to be happy about when it comes to basketball.

But when opponents feel so emboldened as to disrespect and challenge LeBron James on the court, that's a sign that things have reached a new low.

Hopefully, James is able to lift his team out of this funk soon, or it could lead to disastrous results.