Paul George Gets Apology From Fans After Carrying Clippers To Game 5 Win

Paul George Gets Gets Apology From Fans After Carrying Clippers To Gave 5 Win

Over the past few years, Paul George has been the subject of overwhelming scrutiny, with many pointing out how the guy always fails to show up when his team needs him most. Just days ago, Jalen Rose went on record to deny that PG was even a superstar-level player.

But after leading the Clippers to a Game 5 victory over Utah, sans Kawhi Leonard, the NBA community is quickly realizing that PG is proving them all wrong.

Here are some of the best reactions to Paul George's amazing 37-point, 16-rebound night.

Nobody was expecting the Clippers to beat the first-seeded Jazz without their best player. In fact, considering the potential severity of Kawhi's injury, many considered the series over.

But credit has to be given to Paul George for responding and carrying the load tonight. After so many questionable playoff performances, PG has finally shown that he can deliver on the biggest stage.

But will it be enough to propel them to the Western Finals? Without Kawhi, nobody is sure how much steam the Clippers have left or even if they can win another game against this Utah team.

But, for now, the NBA world is celebrating an impressive and unexpected victory by Paul George and the bunch.