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Paul Pierce Takes A Shot At ESPN: 'I Don't Need You. (I'm) My Own Boss.'

(via ESPN Press Room)

Paul Pierce has never been afraid of controversy. He's always been a polarizing figure, and that's partly why Boston Celtics fans loved him so much.

Pierce will always live and die by his own rules. No one, not even his employer will tell him what to do, and that's why his relationship with ESPN ended abruptly and with little-to-no chance of a settlement.

The former NBA Champion went live on Instagram with some models and strippers while playing poker, smoking, and drinking, so the network terminated their relationship right away.

However, he was never bothered by that accident and has taken a couple of shots at ESPN since getting the boot.

More recently, Pierce let the world know that ESPN's paycheck wasn't as big as what he's made by investing in cryptocurrency, advocating for Ethereum Max:

"@espn I don’t need you. I got @ethereum_max I made more money with this crypto in the past month then I did with y’all in a year. TRUTH shall set u Free. my own Boss," Pierce tweeted.

Pierce isn't the first - and certainly won't be the last - NBA player to advocate for the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, and it's pretty clear that he's trying to drive the price up by getting his followers to jump on board as well.

The Truth has been investing in multiple endeavors even before leaving the league, and it's not like he needed to work another minute of his life after making north of $200 million during his time in the league.