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Pic Of Magic Johnson With 12 Girls On The Beach Goes Viral: "Magic Was The Real Playboy"

Pic Of Magic Johnson With 12 Girls On The Beach Goes Viral: "Magic Was The Real Playboy"

Magic Johnson earned a big reputation during his active days, becoming one of the greatest NBA players of all time, arguably the greatest Los Angeles Laker to ever exist, and one of the most impactful ballers of his era both on and off the court. 

The point guard always played the game with joy but was keen to destroy his opponents whenever he set foot on the court. Great as he was on the court, he was wild when he wasn't playing. Magic did like to party and enjoy the company of women, becoming a playboy after he entered the NBA in 1979. 

Johnson once revealed he had six women at the same time, making it clear it was a fantasy of him and those ladies, but also admitting that he had to pay for having that much fun. 

That was not the last time he was surrounded by a lot of beautiful women. One time, he took a picture with 12 females on the beach, and that picture has resurfaced recently. The Swish Factor (via nbamemesquad) shared an interesting picture of Johnson with 12 women, going viral on Instagram. 

As usual, many fans had something to say about it, but most of their comments were poisonous. The player always maintained he had fantasies and fulfilled them, clarifying he had fun and that was it. 

Johnson was a real playboy, as somebody called him in 1991, recalling all the big parties he used to throw in Los Angeles. 

Via The Washington Post

His biggest bashes, such as New Year's Eve and birthday celebrations, were held at his home or at a local hotel. By February 1990 he owned a $7 million mansion on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills and that became the site of his pool parties.

"He's definitely the biggest host in L.A.," said Ed Baquero, manager of Stringfellows, a fashionable Beverly Hills nightclub just off Rodeo Drive. "When he throws a party, everyone knows about it. He was known as a real playboy."

Johnson made the most out of his time with the Lakers, enjoying all the things granted to him for being an NBA superstar. He was a pretty big deal on the court and knew how to take advantage of that on other grounds. Magic learned his lesson, received a second chance, and now is living a happy life. 

The only controversies he's involved in right now often include his hot takes about the Lakers, MVP candidates, and more. Things were wild back in the 80s and 90s, and Magic knows that very well.