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Pistol 'Pete' Maravich's Wild Dribbling Drills Stunned NBA Fans: "One Wrong Move And..."

Pistol 'Pete' Maravich's Wild Dribbling Drills Stunned NBA Fans: "One Wrong Move And..."

Nowadays, the skill of individual players in the NBA is at an all-time high. Even your role players are very talented since it takes a lot of hard work and patience to reach the league in today's era.

And when we talk about the elite players in the league, some of them are simply a treat to watch. Most guards in the league today possess incredible dribbling skills and ball-handling skills. But that wasn't the case when we take a look at the league back in the 1970s.

The game was much simpler, but there was one player who stood out with his dribbling skills. We are talking about none other than Pistol 'Pete' Maravich. Looking at old clips of the late NBA superstar, he showcased dribbling skills that were ahead of his time.

As a result, even today, he is regarded as one of the best dribblers to ever play in the NBA. Evidently, NBA fans want to know the secret behind his incredible dribbling ability. Well, there is an old video where Pete and his coach can be seen displaying a few dribbling drills and explaining how to perform them as well.

Although the video is pretty old, it surprises fans whenever they watch it. It is evident from taking a look at how NBA fans have reacted to it in the comments section of the YouTube video. On that note, here are some of the best reactions posted by NBA fans.

Joe C.: Notice they couldn't side palm the ball back then? pistol pete would easily do every crossover there is if he is allowed to carry like today's players.

Bender Rodriguez: Dude was an absolute basketball savant.

Jim Morrison: What would Pistol Pete be able to do with a basketball in today's NBA game when they allow you to take 3 steps, carry the ball.

Augford P. Doggie: Look at how humble stars used to be.

Ray Heffner: Put him on a team with the talent jerry west had or oscar Robinson he wins multiple titles this guy was so good ot seemed like most of players were just jealous of him red knows.

Rick Wick: That was incredibly entertaining. Pistol from college until injuries & illness should never be left out of the conversation. At LSU no -3 pointer, they reviewed footage. If 3-point was there, 3 years of college would’ve averaged 57 points a game.

Kellz Kratos: Wow wait so Pete made all these drills.

JTSKOT: Imagine playing in those shoes gah damn your feet mustve hurt by the end of each game.

Ted Baxter: If you can dribble two balls like that, who can steal one ball from you? I like how Larry Bird said it seemed like his hand was part of the ball.

N lg: Back dribbling was dribbling. Now in the hiphop basketball association everyone just travels all time.

Patrick Hawkinson: The riochet drill looks very dangerous.

Jian Yabut: His bounces sound like shots.

It's crazy to think that Pistol Pete was talented with ball-handling during that era. If it wasn't for injuries and illness, he could have had a completely different resume in the NBA.

Despite that, Pete managed to become a 5x NBA All-Star and 4x All-NBA team member. He is also an inductee of the Basketball Hall of Fame and was recently part of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.