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Quavo Sheds Light On His Friendship With Trae Young: "Whenever He Hoops, I Feel Like I'm Hoopin"

Quavo Sheds Light On His Friendship With Trae Young: "Whenever He Hoops, I Feel Like I'm Hoopin"

Trae Young took an enormous leap this season in terms of his development. Within just three seasons in the NBA, Trae became a 2-time NBA All-Star. And this season, he led the Hawks on an incredible NBA playoff run.

The Hawks had the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference and faced off against the 4th seed New York Knicks in the first round. 

Trae was absolutely phenomenal, as he silenced Madison Square Garden and then helped the Hawks complete a gentleman sweep over them. Young established himself as the new villain of Madison Square Garden, a role he recently returned to at a WWE show.

In the second round, most people expected the 1st seed 76ers to get past the Hawks, but thanks to Young’s incredible performances, the Hawks pulled off an upset, eliminating the 76ers in 7 games.

Trae effectively led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals, but there they were knocked out by eventual NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks. But these playoffs served as Young’s coming out party as an elite player in the NBA today.

One person who is a big fan of Young is none other than Atlanta-native Quavo. Member of the iconic hip-hop trio The Migos, Quavo has formed a solid friendship with Trae, something he spoke about in a recent interview with Bleacher Report.

Quavo said that Trae Young is a lot of fun to hang out with, and has become one of his closest friends. When talking about his game, Quavo also said that watching Trae play basketball is like playing the game himself, that is how effortless ‘Ice Trae’ makes the game look.

"He good man, just coolin. He really just be chillin. He don't like to do too much. He just be coolin, trying to work… He in the 'A' to stay and we proud of him. It's just a good feeling when I see him out there; you know what I'm saying. Words can't even explain it, that's just my dog. So whenever he hoops, I be feeling like I'm hoopin."

With Quavo being a passionate Atlanta Hawks fan, his strong relationship comes as no surprise. The Migos are an iconic group in the Atlanta music scene, and one of the most popular musical acts in the world, so Young’s association with them makes perfect sense.

Trae has become a superstar in the league, and the crown jewel of Atlanta. His style of play, along with his incredible calmness under pressure makes him one of the most dangerous players in the NBA today, and one of the most popular too.