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Rajon Rondo Is Helping Ben Simmons With His 3-Point Shot

Credit: TW/ChrisJHoops

Credit: TW/ChrisJHoops

As we all know, Ben Simmons received a lot of criticism after failing to lead the Philadelphia 76ers to the 2021 Eastern Conference finals. The Australian point guard couldn't get things done, not even attempting shots in the 4th quarter of the Sixers second-round series, costing his team the chance to play in the ECF. 

With all his shooting struggles more visible than ever, the player promised to get better this offseason, something we've seen before. Well, it seems like Simmons is looking for help in veteran players, linking up with 2x NBA champion Rajon Rondo. 

Chris Hoops shared a short video showing Ben and Rajon shooting 3-pointers. Ben's form looks wonderful, but that's nothing we haven't seen in the past. 

NBA fans criticized the Australian for doing what he does every offseason, posting a video shooting only not to attempt a 3-pointer in an actual game. 

Others agreed that even though Rondo isn't the best shooter of all, he can help Simmons get over his mental struggles while shooting. 

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If Simmons can at least become a decent shooter, he will be a menace for the rest of the league. His defense, court vision, and basketball IQ are already a threat to rivals. If he can add a 3-point shot, this man will be one of the best players in the league. 

The Philadelphia 76ers need him to be successful, and if Ben can get past this dire situation, the future will be bright for him and the franchise.