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Rare Video: Michael Jordan And LeBron James Talking And Hugging Each Other

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LeBron James and Michael Jordan are probably two of the greatest players ever. With every GOAT conversation, it's their names that pop up.

The number of times we've seen them interact, though, is very small. The truth is, by the time LeBron joined the scene in the early 2000s, MJ was already retired for the third, and final, time.

But in a rare video that has recently made its rounds on the internet, the two basketball superstars are seen interacting, and even hugging, in a friendly exchange.

They may not have been the best of friends, but there is clearly some mutual respect between them. Since Jordan retired, LeBron has become the face of the NBA and everybody knows it. Bron himself even embraced the idea of being the modern MJ -- he donned the number 23, called himself "The Chosen One," and even very recently referred to himself as the "GOAT." The video above is almost like a symbolic passing of the torch from one legend to another. The only other evidence we really have of an interaction between the two is the picture of an almost mythical scrimmage between the two.

I'm sure there's more than this somewhere out there, but it remains a fact that footage featuring both is pretty rare. All-in-all, they seemed friendly enough with each other.