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Rasheed Wallace Said The 2004 Detroit Pistons Would 'Run Through' The 2017 Warriors: "... It's Not Even Close"


The 2017 Golden State Warriors were a sight to behold. After going in an incredible 73-9 run the season before, the 2016 Warriors lost in the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers after blowing a 3-1 lead. In an effort to bolster the squad, the Warriors signed former league MVP Kevin Durant.

Adding Durant to one of the most offensively potent teams in NBA history felt unfair. And during their peak, they were unbeatable. Durant was the piece that pushed an already historic franchise over the edge in terms of quality.

During Durant’s tenure, the Warriors went to three straight NBA Finals, winning 2 consecutive Finals series in 2017 and 2018, and losing only one game throughout those 2 series. For his performances in both NBA Finals, Durant was named the Finals MVP both years.

The Warriors would lose in the 2019 Finals, thanks in part to Durant’s injury concerns. But in hindsight, their run of dominance may have been short, but it was absolutely incredible to behold. But not everyone holds the Warriors dynasty in high regard.

Former NBA champion Rasheed Wallace has recently come under fire for his comments about LeBron James. On top of that, he also made remarks about Kevin Durant, saying that the ‘Slim Reaper’ would not survive in his generation.

And now, a reporter has revealed that ‘Sheed wasn’t too impressed with the 2017 Warriors. When Taylor Rooks interviewed Wallace in 2017, he said that his 2004 Detroit Pistons team would ‘run through them (Warriors) and it’s not even close’, maintaining that his side would come out the victors in a 7-game series.

“I interviewed Rasheed in 2017, asked about the '17 Warriors. He said his Pistons would "run through them. not even close" & would beat them in a 7 game series. His team might have done a good job defensively BUT this idea that the old era is forever paramount has to end.”

The Warriors had an All-Time great squad, with many considering them the greatest team in NBA history. Because anyone between Durant, Steph Curry, or Klay Thompson could take over a game at a moment’s notice, there wasn’t a team in the NBA that could defeat them at full strength. Despite what Wallace may think, their squad belongs in the upper echelons of great teams for what they accomplished.