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Ray Allen Explains Why Michael Jordan And LeBron James Are On A Different Level Than The Rest Of The NBA

Fadeaway World,

Fadeaway World,

Ray Allen always looked up to Michael Jordan; being the greatest shooting guard in the history of the game and arguably the greatest player of all time, Allen found inspiration in His Airness. He also shared touches with LeBron James, another top 2 or top 3 player of all time, so Ray knows one thing or two about greatness (he is one of the greatest shooters of all time).

He recently sat to talk about the similarities between Jordan and James and what separates them from the rest of the players in NBA history. During a recent appearance on the Posecast, Allen talked about growing up watching MJ doing all the incredible things he did on the court.

“As a kid, I always think about what would MJ do in a situation. Because I always admired how he handled the media. I admired how he dressed, I admired how he carried himself on the court. Like he was a staunch competitor, he was a trash talker. But he was also a gentleman when he was out there. When he walked off the court, he engaged with everybody he could and people loved him.”

He also talked about his former teammate LeBron James and the similarity he shares with MJ. He is one of the most easy-going players in the NBA and he shows that every time he has the chance. Allen revealed that he is a lot like MJ in that aspect.

"LeBron has that same energy when he moves through the world. People really enjoy seeing him, and his rapport with people has always been great. I’ve always appreciated how he doesn’t hold his status in front of people when he moves through if we’re walking through the mall like you’ll laugh and joke with people and have a good time.”

James has been one of the most outspoken players against racial injustices not only this year but before. He has given a lot of money to charity and has created foundations to help those less fortunate have a better life and the tools to live happier.

These two men are probably the two greatest basketball players of all time and the things they did on and off the court are the best example of why people love them so much.