Reggie Miller On Michael Jordan: 'I Would Punch Him If We Are At Dinner Together'

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(via 12up)

(via 12up)

Reggie Miller has reminded everybody he doesn’t have much love for Michael Jordan. They had a big rivalry during the 90s, with Jordan always beating Miller in the playoffs, preventing him from winning an NBA title on several occasions.

MJ was famous for his trash-talking talents and the way he got under the skin of his opponents, and it looks like he took things too far with Miller. Jordan’s docuseries ‘The Last Dance’ aired on Sunday, instantly becoming the hottest topic in the NBA world. Reggie was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show, where he discussed several topics, including Jordan and their famous rivalry.

At some point, the Indiana Pacers legend was asked what he would do if he ran into Jordan at dinner, and his response was short but strong (15:15 mark). This is how the exchange went:

Patrick: What would you say if you sat down with him at dinner?

Miller: (pause).....I might punch him

Patrick: Are you being serious?

Miller: (pause), there was a lot of stuff being thrown back and forth...

It looks like Jordan did and said something big to Miller on the court. He was famous for his trash-talking, but things went to a different level with the Pacers sharpshooter. MJ had plenty of rivalries during his career, but this career has to be one of the most entertaining. Still, he always got the W against Miller and his team and that will never change.