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Reggie Miller Says He Would Have Told Michael Jordan To "F*ck Himself" If He Tried To Recruit Him To Chicago

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Nowadays, it's pretty customary for stars to team up with each other in pursuit of a ring. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard are just the latest in a long list of these stars to carry out the practice in recent years.

But back during pre-2000s ball, things were a lot different, and stars were way more competitive with each other. In fact, in a rather shocking quote, former NBA star Reggie Miller admits that had MJ called him to team up, he would have left him hanging...

"If Michael Jordan would have called me and tried to sway me to come to Chicago, I would have told him to go f--- himself."

Naturally, it's kind of crazy to hear somebody say that about the idea of teaming up with MJ. Not only was Jordan an easy ticket to a title, but his fame was contagious and spread to most of his teammates.

Miller and MJ would have been front and center in the basketball world -- winning titles and enjoying extravagant luxuries along the way.

Alas, it seems Miller wasn't (8and still isn't) about all of that. He'd much rather beat him than join him, a sentiment that is growing increasingly rare in today's NBA...