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Report: Ben Simmons Is One Of Two Sixers Players Who Are Unvaccinated

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is yet to return to the Philadelphia 76ers after starring in one of the biggest stories of the NBA offseason. Even after he came back to the team, Ben wasn't in the best spirits, admitting he's not mentally ready to play with the team. 

A lot has happened after that. The Sixers resumed fining Simmons for his absences and the player's refusal to provide information about his mental health. Now things might get worse for Simmons, who is one of two players on the team yet to get the covid-19 vaccine. 

According to Keith Pompey, the Australian point guard hasn't gotten the shot yet. Talking on Locked On Sixers (via Redditor "FultzShoulder"), the 76ers writer explained the situation with Simmons, saying he's not vaccinated.

"As of about a month ago, all but two 76ers were vaccinated. One is a guy who's at the end of the bench who rarely plays, and the other one was Ben Simmons."

Moreover, Pompey added that Tobias Harris struggled to feel fine after dealing with the disease. According to Keith, the situation was more serious than we thought. 

"That Tobias situation was scary. There were people on social media that were extremely critical of him in that Boston Celtics game and then you hear after the game they checked his temperature later on and it's 104. I spoke to several people and they thought he still had COVID... He's having an upper respiratory infection, he's also having sinus problems, he had a really bad fever... You know after they practice the guys put up shot, well Tobias had to take several breaks because he was so out of breath just from taking shots."

Ben Simmons isn't doing anything to help himself. The player hasn't played with the team since the 2021 NBA playoffs, where he suffered a collapse against the Atlanta Hawks. 

In recent days, rumors about Ben Simmons have surfaced, with some placing him in Portland alongside Damian Lillard, others with the San Antonio Spurs, and some fans believe he should arrive in Brooklyn to replace Kyrie Irving. 

Well, if he's not vaccinated, playing in Brooklyn is not an option for the playmaker. So no, trading for Ben Simmons isn't the solution to the Nets' problems in this campaign.