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Richard Jefferson Details How Michael Jordan Destroyed His Team: "There Was Nothing We Could Do To Stop Him."

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Michael Jordan is mostly known for being the greatest player of all-time, and leading the Chicago Bulls to six championships. While Jordan played most of his career on the Chicago Bulls, he also had a short stint with the Washington Wizards. While most people don't really view his Wizards tenure in the same light as his time with the Bulls, there were times that he looked like the old Michael Jordan.

Richard Jefferson has recently detailed an instance where Michael Jordan destroyed his team. Jefferson recalls how his team gave Jordan one of his worst losses of the season, as well as how Jordan retaliated. (14:00)

The real reason why Jordan is so amazing to me is because (with) Jordan coming back, we actually gave Jordan his worst loss ever. He comes to Jersey, we’re up by 40 at half time, their team wasn’t very good, and he was a little tired. So we’re cruising, we’re crushing them.

So he doesn’t even play the second half, the game is over, fans are mad… But the next time we play them a couple of weeks later, he made sure to get his rest, he came after us. And what was so ballistic about that game is that this was back when the scores were like 92. So he scored half their points, there was like nothing we could do to stop him.

It would make sense that Jordan would want to get some sort of revenge for an extreme loss, and Richard Jefferson's story shows just how special Michael Jordan was as a player. While Michael Jordan's time with the Wizards wasn't the best, it is clear that he could still perform at a high level even then.