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Richard Jefferson Hilariously Trolls Vince Carter After He Dunks At 44 Years Old: "I Expect Rachel To Do That, Not You."


Richard Jefferson enjoys having fun at others' expense. And because of this, many consider him one of the funniest basketball personalities in the world today. RJ is merciless when it comes to his trolling, as we have seen in the past. His former teammate and colleague Vince Carter learned about this the hard way.

During a taping of ESPN's The Jump, Vince Carter wanted to prove that he could still dunk, despite being retired and 44 years of age. Carter made a fairly simple dunk, but RJ wasn't having it, saying that he wanted more and that he would expect such a simple dunk from host Rachel Nichols rather than Vince Carter.

"I expect Rachel to do that, not you."

Jefferson is absolutely hilarious. But he might be right to expect more from Vince Carter. After all, Jefferson and Carter played together during Vince's prime in the Nets, and he got to see his dunking prowess on full display. On top of that, Carter only retired 2 seasons ago and showed that he could dunk even in his final years.

Vince Carter isn't the only person that Jefferson would troll. A regular victim of RJ's trolling, Kendrick Perkins got roasted by Jefferson because he was too big to fit in the car, and Perkins was struggling to close the door. RJ is notorious for his ability to troll his fellow players and colleagues.

But he does fall victim to trolling from time to time, especially when Damon Jones made fun of his trade from the Nets, saying that the Nets got better. It was a rare moment where RJ was left speechless and had to accept that Damon Jones got the better of him.

Richard Jefferson is one of the funniest people in the NBA and constantly makes fans laugh with his jokes and roasts of other people. Here's hoping we got more funny roasts from him as time goes on.