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NBA Fans Joke They Found Zion 2.0, Who Is 6'7" And 275 Pounds: "Tell Him To Stay Off The Burgers"

NBA Fans Joke They Found Zion 2.0, Who Is 6'7" And 275 Pounds: "Tell Him To Stay Off The Burgers"

NBA fans constantly look to the future. Despite having LeBron James in the NBA for almost 20 years, the hunt for the next LeBron began as soon as he entered the league. The NBA is ever-changing, so the hunt for the next star, someone who can be compared to players of the past and the present is always on.

But NBA fans are also comedians, who decided to crack jokes on Louisiana State’s Kenneth Lofton Jr. Lofton garnered social media attention recently, as his size, build, and dominance began circulating across the web. 

NBA fans joked that Kenneth was Zion Williamson 2.0, poking fun at his physique. But some also pointed out that his talent is there regardless of his weight, and that he has shown he can still play because his skill and technique are good.

Dude would been nice in the nba…..15 years ago

He got fouled on damn near every play smh lol

Dude chose the wrong sport

Tell him to stay off the burgers

 yeah well all those burgers still would’ve give you buckets

He get on that Giannis workout plan it’s over

i got my money on zion

“He plays at his own pace” naw he’s just slow man

Bro need to lose weight, we will be way more explosive

thats some mycareer shi

his footwork and patience is what makes him good. He big but not fat. Nobody scores 36 in division 1 and isn’t in basketball shape, so stop the weight shaming

y’all said that same thing about zion

No disrespect it’s not gonna work in the league just look at zion

And good luck playing fast pace

I’d like to see him vs Zion 1v1

It ain’t even his size that make him good. Dude got a whole bag of tricks in the post.

Zion 2.0

literally anyone blocks him he can’t jump and he is short stop acting like u know ball if u think he finishes on any center in the NBA ur wrong

thats might be true. zion got his shots rejected the most last year. but he also is efficient af on 27ppg

I see a lot of Draymond in him

While Lofton Jr. has been able to dominate right now, and the jokes have been over the top, there is a little bit of truth to what is being said. His physique as it stands would not be conducive to him finding success in the NBA, especially because of the way the league has evolved.

Lofton Jr. has been dominant during his time in Louisiana State, garnering comparisons with Zion Willaimson. The Zion comparisons only extend to the dominance and physique. Even Zion himself was mocked by fans for the way he has put on weight and let himself go while he is away from the court due to injury.

Of course, there is a good chance that Lofton Jr. decides to focus on getting in better shape if he wants to make it in the NBA. But that would not mean losing weight, but rather, changing the way that weight is manifested. If Lofton Jr. can become more built and muscle-bound, he could be an attractive commodity in the NBA Draft.