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Richard Jefferson Picks Kyrie Irving Over LeBron James And Steph Curry To Take The Last Shot With His Life On The Line

rj kyrie

Richard Jefferson picked Kyrie Irving as the person to take the last shot with his life on the line. The former NBA player shared the court with a lot of talented players but he'd still go with Kyrie if he had to pick somebody to make a shot to save his life. 

The former NBA player-turned analyst recently talked about this, mentioning all the great people he played with during his career but ultimately going with the Brooklyn Nets superstar to have that responsibility. 

RJ recently joined 'Called Game' with Kenny Beecham, where he discussed a variety of topics. At some point, he was asked the million-dollar question and he went with his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate (48:20).

"I wouldn't want to take a shot for my life," Jefferson said. "I'm gonna give it to-- He's not the best person I've ever played, because I played with Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki and Bron and Steph and all these people, but the person that hit the biggest shot that I've been part of is Kyrie. And it's one of the biggest shots in sports history. It's one of the biggest singular plays in American sports history. Like baseball, football, like what was at stake in that moment? 3-1 comeback, back-to-back unanimous MVP (Stephen Curry), you're on the road against a team that had never lost back-to-back games at home all year. All of these things went into this equation and he stepped up and hit a 3 like it was a layup. If I had to have one person shoot for my life, [it would be Kyrie] because that shot changed my life."

That play is memorable, as Jefferson explained. Kyrie went against Stephen Curry, who was trying to guard him with his life but the then Cleveland Cavaliers point guard went up and made one of the biggest shots in NBA history. It was the perfect closure for a perfect series that will never be forgotten. 

It's easy to see why Jefferson would go with Kyrie and nobody else. It's good to see that not everybody would pick Andre Iguodala to make a very important shot.