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Richard Jefferson Roasts Bill Simmons For Celebrating The Celtics Sweeping The Nets: “Wait, You Played?!"

Richard Jefferson Roasts Bill Simmons For Celebrating The Celtics Sweeping The Nets: “Wait, You Played?!"

The best part about sports for a lot of fans is a feeling of involvement with the team that they root for. Whatever team it may be, fans create a community around it and invest their love along with their money into it. So it's not uncommon to see NBA fans on social media talking about how 'we' should have done this when referencing something that a team could be doing. 

Media members and analysts for the most part are expected to be impartial, but obviously, most people grow up as fans of certain teams or have biases towards certain teams. One of the more well-known ones in this regard is NBA analyst Bill Simmons, who is a Boston Celtics fan. 

And what a time it is to be a fan of the Celtics as well, the team just swept the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant playing every game. Excitement is high within Celtics nation and Bill Simmons wants to be a part of that, tweeting about his delight at the results of the first-round playoff series. 

Sweeping Kyrie and KD feels f**king great, thanks for asking! What a sheer delight!"

And while most people were interacting with it as happy Celtics fans or trying to point out his bias, Richard Jefferson trolled him about the use of the word 'we' instead. Fans got quite riled up about RJeff's joke too, so he provided further explanation.

"Wait you played?!"

"Y’all do understand I worked with Bill and been on his podcast. This is me joking with Bill. Not taking a shot at FANS. Y’all goofy."

Jefferson is known for his sharp wit and funny personality on screen, it's a large reason why he is so loved in his role as an analyst on ESPN. This is completely in character for him, and while some fans might be offended, it doesn't seem that serious. At any rate, having friends that are Celtics fans after that series would be difficult for anyone to deal with, so any shot one can take right now would be a good one!