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Richaun Holmes Thinks People Should Appreciate LeBron James While They Can: "It's Crazy He Still Playing At This Level."

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LeBron James Is The 'Benjamin Button' Of The NBA: "I'm As Young As I've Ever Been."

LeBron James is well-known for what he has accomplished in the NBA. He's a 4-time champion and a 4-time Finals MVP. His resume is impressive as is his longevity. It is year 19 for him in the league, and he is currently averaging 27.4 PPG, 6.8 RPG, and 6.5 APG. It's crazy to think that he is still one of the top-5 players in the league this season.

Sacramento Kings forward Richaun Holmes has literally stated that we should all "appreciate LeBron while we can", and added that "it's crazy" that LeBron James is still playing at such a high level.

LeBron James won't be around forever, and eventually, we'll see the superstar forward retire. While he definitely gets a lot of hate for a variety of reasons, LeBron James is one fantastic basketball player. He has delivered on the expectations that were set for him when he was drafted, and has won a championship on every team he's played for. There is even a faction of fans that believe he is the GOAT. Most people would argue that it's Michael Jordan, but LeBron James has definitely gotten very close in terms of championships and accolades.

Even though LeBron James is still playing at a high level, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't had the team success they hoped for at the start of the season. Some people viewed them as one of the best teams in the league going into this year, and they are far from that. They have a losing record and are on a 5 game losing streak. It is obvious that something needs to change.

With that being said, it would be unwise to doubt LeBron James, especially if the Lakers get players that fit better in a trade, or if the current team ends up developing chemistry and going on a run. Hopefully, we see the Lakers trend in the right direction moving forward.