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Rival Executives Blast Rob Pelinka Amid Lakers Crisis: “He Was An A--hole As An Agent"

Rob Pelinka

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a terrible season, and fans aren't happy with the development of the campaign. What started as a championship season turned out to be a nightmare for them, who are unable to turn things around, receiving a lot of criticism thanks to their displays. 

Besides LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, the rest of the team is getting criticized. Moreover, there's an actor that's getting a lot of attention in recent times. Rob Pelinka has been under fire since he decided not to make trades at the deadline, leaving the roster untouched, although many people were convinced they needed to move Russell Westbrook. 

LeBron James made some passive-aggressive comments about the Lakers lack of moves at the deadline, as well as praising other GMs in the NBA and in other leagues. The King wasn't the only one making comments about this, as rivals executives also slammed Pelinka for his behavior in the past. 

Via Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report:

"He wasn't returning some teams calls at [this year's] deadline," one general manager told B/R.

"He was an asshole as an agent," said another assistant general manager. "He had the most powerful players and if he wanted the player moved, he would've eviscerated you as a staff to get whatever he wanted. You can't do that to people, and then expect them to work with you when you join their side."

This season has been anything but good for the Purple and Gold. They will look to make some big changes in the offseason, and one of them reportedly involves Russell Westbrook. Perhaps that won't be the only move we see from the team. Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been linked with a move away, but instead of these two, the franchise could let Rob Pelinka go.