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Rob Parker: 'LeBron James Is Trying To Overshadow Michael Jordan’s Documentary. It’s Typical LeBron.'

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

LeBron James recently tweeted out his desire to breakdown his memorable basketball plays/moments live, for the world to see, on Instagram live. It's obviously an attempt by James to give something back to the fans amid the NBA's hiatus.

But, according to Rob Parker (notorious LeBron James critic), there's more to it than that. On Fox Sports Radio, he accused the King of trying to "overshadow" Michael Jordan's upcoming documentary.

“LeBron James is trying to overshadow Michael Jordan’s documentary. I just thought to myself – ‘what a weird time to all of a sudden want to put out this?’. Especially when the announcement came from ESPN that they were moving it [documentary on Michael Jordan “The Last Dance”] up,” Parker said.

“Why now? It’s typical LeBron. Why coming from LeBron himself? That’s for other people to say. And it sounded funny."

It's not for us to say whether or not Parker's theory is correct, but if LeBron really did want to overshadow MJ's documentary, this would be the way to do it. Because of LeBron's brilliance and dominance in regards to the game of basketball, who wouldn't want to watch him break down some of his best-known career moments?

Plus, the fact that he's proposing this now, with the MJ doc just a few weeks away, is certainly suspicious.

On the flip side, LeBron James doesn't really need to steal the spotlight from anyone. He's got more national and global than any athlete in the world right now, including Jordan. Why does his proposal have to be anything more than his way entertaining the fans in this stressful time?

The best-case scenario is the Jordan documentary and the James film breakdown coming out at almost the same exact time. It should keep us basketball fans entertained for a good long while.