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Rob Pelinka Says He Will Consult With Kurt Rambis, Joey Buss, Jesse Buss, LeBron James, And Anthony Davis On The New Roster, But The Final Decision Will Be His

Rob Pelinka

The Los Angeles Lakers front office will have a massive task ahead of them during the offseason. After a dismal season, where the Lakers were expected to win a championship but failed to even reach the playoffs, a lot of blame has been directed to LeBron James and Rob Pelinka for their roles in putting the roster together. Pelinka's job is safe, and he's looking to the offseason to build his new team.

Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka spoke in his exit interview about the upcoming offseason and how he plans on constructing the team. Pelinka noted that he would consult with advisor Kurt Rambis, members of the Buss family, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. But the final decision on the roster will be made by him, as he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes from last season.

Rob Pelinka says Kurt Rambis, Joey Buss and Jesse Buss will be assisting him in roster decisions this summer and he will consult LeBron and AD again, but at the end of the day, the decisions are ultimately up to him and he takes accountability for that.

A lot has been said about the way the roster was put together in Los Angeles. Pelinka was heavily influenced by LeBron James and Anthony Davis. In fact, Pelinka wanted to acquire Buddy Hield and DeMar DeRozan, but LeBron James was more in favor of the Lakers trading for Russell Westbrook and forming a big three with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

LeBron James will probably still have a great deal of influence on the way the team will be assembled. Given LeBron's power and influence on the Lakers, there is no way any decision will be made if LeBron comes out and speaks against it. Finding harmony between LeBron and Pelinka is essential for the Lakers this offseason.