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Robert Horry Explains Why Luka Doncic Is Unstoppable Even Though He Is Slow: "Luka Is So Freaking Slow And You're Like, 'Why Can't They Stop That?'... When You're Crafty And You Know How To Play, That's All You Need."

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Luka Doncic is one of the best superstars in the league today, and there's no doubt that he plays a very fun brand of basketball. Doncic is an elite offensive engine, and he averaged 28.4 PPG, 9.1 RPG, and 8.7 APG this past season for the Dallas Mavericks.

There is no doubt that Luka Doncic isn't a particularly athletic player, but he still manages to excel at the game. Legendary role player Robert Horry has recently explained why Doncic manages to be an unstoppable offensive player even though he is unathletic and slow, claiming that when one is "crafty" and knows "how to play", then that's all that's necessary.

"You look at Bird and said, 'Man, I could've stopped him because he's slow'. Someone like Luka now. If you watch Luka, Luka is so freaking slow and you're like, 'Why can't they stop that?' When you're crafty and you know how to play, that's all you need."

There is no doubt that Luka Doncic has had a lot of experience with the game, as he has been playing pro basketball for a long time, notably playing for Real Madrid in Spain prior to him getting drafted to the NBA. 

Luka Doncic had a fantastic playoff run with the Dallas Mavericks this past postseason, averaging 31.7 PPG, 9.8 RPG, and 6.4 APG. He had to take on an immense offensive load for the Dallas Mavericks, and it is clear that his production was absolutely insane.

The Dallas Mavericks are clearly trying to improve their team around Luka Doncic, and they have notably been mentioned as a potential sign-and-trade candidate for Cavaliers scoring guard Collin Sexton. Hopefully, the team is able to get Luka Doncic some help for next season. They've already lost Jalen Brunson in free agency, and we'll see if they are able to replace his production in the future.