Robert Horry On Not Being In The Hall Of Fame: "I Know One Thing, Half Those Guys In There Don’t Have What I Have, And That’s Seven Rings”

Robert Horry celebrates his 7th ring

Making it to the Hall of Fame is the biggest honor an NBA player could ever ask for. Winning a ring depends on many factors - including luck - but being a Hall of Famer is almost entirely up to you.

That's why it's such an exclusive honor. It's not enough to win multiple rings, if not enough to win one MVP or one Scoring Title. The Hall of Fame is for top-tier players only and those who contributed to the game beyond the hardwood.

But if we were to take a look at the accolades and silverware, you can't deny the fact that Robert Horry should be in. I mean, he did play a big role on not one, not two, but seven NBA Championship teams.

Horry also believes that he should've been inducted already. Nonetheless, he claims that he's not too bothered, as no one can take away his seven rings from him:

“If you look at the people that are in, I deserve to be in. If you look at the people who aren’t in, I don’t deserve to be in," Horry told Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation. "For me, I’ll be happy if I do, and I’ll be happy if I don’t because basketball is a team sport. If I was a tennis player and I didn’t get in the Hall of Fame for tennis, then I’d be really upset, but for me, it’s a team sport. If the Hall of Fame comes calling one day, I’ll be proud. If it doesn’t, so be it. I know one thing, half those guys in there don’t have what I have, and that’s seven rings.”

'Big Shot Bob' was never one who impressed with athleticism or flashy plays. He wasn't on the court to score points or be a star. Then again, he was one of the best at his job and was one of the greatest '3-and-D' players ever.

Horry had a feel for knocking down huge shots and could lock down the best players on earth. His impact wasn't often reflected in the stat sheet, so he's unlikely to ever be inducted. But hey, he can still polish those beautiful seven rings, which is more than most NBA players can say.