Robert Horry: "There’s Only Really Been Two Dynasties In My Eyes, That’s The Lakers And The Celtics, The Bulls Pulling In A Close Third."

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Credit: the press enterprise

Credit: the press enterprise

Robert Horry dropped a hot take on NBA dynasties, only recognizing two in the league's history. 

Whenever he speaks, people listen. This man lived everything he could during his active days, collecting seven NBA championships and becoming one of the greatest role players of all time. 

He knows a thing or two about dynasties, playing against Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls, being part of the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, too. 

Talking with UPROXX's Katie Heindl, Horry revealed he only sees the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics as true dynasties, while the Chicago Bulls could have a solid case as the 3rd one. 

Nothing wrong with that. So, you were obviously a crucial part of some fordable dynasties, and you experienced Jordan’s era with the Bulls as a competitor. I’m curious where you stand on dynasties — do you think they’re good for the league, or is league parity better for competition and growth?

There’s nothing wrong with teams that build a dynasty, like the Lakers with Showtime, like the Boston Celtics, like what the Bulls did. But when these guys, you know, say oh we’re friends, let’s play together. And when guys say I want to go play with this team, trade me there. And then all of a sudden, you become a dynasty? I don’t really count that. Cause you gotta get trades, and all this kind of stuff. I don’t think there’s really ever going to be another dynasty, you know, because there’s so much player movement. Think about it. If everybody would have put— if they had a chance to bet a million bucks — bet a million bucks on the New Jersey Nets, I should say the Brooklyn Nets, winning this year but because of injuries, fell apart.

Only a Suns fan and a Bucks fan would have those two playing in the Finals right now. It’s hard for dynasties to step up this day and age, because of the injuries and the player movement, and the things of that nature. I don’t think there will ever be another dynasty because guys want to get paid, guys wanna play close to home, guys want to play with friends. So it’d be hard for that to ever happen. There’s only really been two dynasties in my eyes, that’s the Lakers and the Celtics, the Bulls pulling in a close third.

We can throw in the mix more teams, like the Spurs, but not everybody will agree with that, including Horry. He was a winner, no doubt about it, so it's easy to see why he holds high standards when it comes to one of the highest titles in the NBA.