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Ron Harper Says Without His Role Players Michael Jordan Wouldn't Have Won As Many Championships

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(via Wallpaper)

(via Wallpaper)

Michael Jordan is widely considered by many to be the greatest player to ever play basketball. Michael Jordan's scoring mesmerized many, and he has plenty of accolades that show how successful he was in the league. However, one's success isn't built alone. Every player that has ever won a championship has had fairly good teammates, and Michael Jordan isn't any different.

When we talk about teammates on a championship-caliber roster, every teammate is important. Sure, we talk about how star power dominates the league: but depth is important as well, as it is always good to have quality talent up and down the roster. Michael Jordan's former teammate Ron Harper has recently said that Michael Jordan wouldn't win all those championships without the role players on his roster.

MJ is a great player, but without his role players he wouldn’t won as many championships that he had won.

When he started with their first championship, he had a young Horace Grant, he had a young Scottie, had a young BJ Armstrong, had a veteran Bill Cartwright and Jon Paxton, and he had a great head basketball coach. Without those role players, he wouldn’t have one of six of those championships.

While Michael Jordan is certainly a great player, you always need teammates to help you win. While Michael Jordan definitely would have won championships regardless of the teammates he was surrounded with, Ron harper is right in saying that he had a decent amount of good role players that helped him win. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time, but he did have some help on the way to that status.