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Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Responds To Chris Broussard's Comments On Toronto: "Canadians Love You Like You Grew Up There… He’s Tripping.”

Toronto Raptors

As the only NBA franchise to exist outside U.S. borders, the Toronto Raptors offer a unique experience for its players and fans, which is why they have such a close and tight-knit community.

Not everyone is a fan of the city though, and Chris Broussard made that perfectly clear when he dropped this truth bomb on First Things First this week:

“I don’t think KD will want to go to Toronto. I visited there many times. Obviously, I was there covering the league. Great city, but it’s not America and you feel it when you’re there,” Broussard said. “Especially as an African American, it’s a different situation than African Americans are used to being in. I’ve talked to people in that organization pre-Ujiri about can they keep African American superstars there?”

In the hours after Bru shared that scalding hot take, folks around the association challenged that perception of Toronto and defended the countless die-hard basketball fans that work hard to make every Raptors player feel welcome in their city.

Among the latest to stand up for the Canadian metropolis is veteran swingman Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who posted the following response to Broussard on his Twitter.

"Yeaaaa this a stretch… Canadians love you like you grew up there… he’s tripping."

The Raptors aren't as followed and adored as teams like the Lakers, Knicks, or Warriors. But as Canada's only NBA team, the Raptors have the support of an entire nation of people, which is more than can be said for the other 29 teams.

As a result, they have a culture and fan base that rivals the NBA's highest market teams. If you don't believe it, just look at the results.

Besides winning the title in 2019, the Raptors have been a constant power team in the East, finishing last season 5th despite the lack of proven talent on the roster.

Now, they are in the running for Kevin Durant as they shoot for the stars once again.