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Rudy Gobert Responds To Draymond Green's Negative Comments About Him: "It's Just Noise To Me... The More Noise, The Harder It Becomes To Take These People Seriously."

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Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green are both among the best defenders in this generation of basketball players. They both have very unique playstyles, with Rudy Gobert being an amazing rim protector, while Draymond Green is a versatile defensive forward who can switch 1 through 5.

Draymond Green has recently made some comments about Rudy Gobert, claiming that he doesn't want to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Utah Jazz center. It is clear that Green doesn't like being compared with Gobert.

You keep mentioning me in the same sentence with him, we're not alike...

When speaking to the media recently, Rudy Gobert responded to Draymond Green's comments about him, claiming that Green's comments are "just noise" and added that he's obviously "doing something right" if he is getting targeted with negative comments.

It's just noise to me. If anything when people keep talking about you, they're targeting you in some way it means you're doing something right. I'm going to keep trying to be the best Rudy I can be on and off the court, for my team.

The more these people try to discredit what I do or what my team does, it means we're doing something right. If anything, the more noise, the harder it becomes to take these people seriously. It's unfortunate that when you have that big of a platform you use it to entertain the crowd... when you're great at what you do you don't need to talk down anybody. 

It remains to be seen if Draymond Green ends up responding to these words from Rudy Gobert. It is clear that Rudy Gobert isn't worried about the comments, and it is clear that he's just focused on helping his team.

Though they may not be fans of one another, there is no question that Rudy Gobert and Draymond are both great defenders in their own right. Both can anchor a top-tier defense, and there's a reason both of their teams are among the top teams in the Western Conference.