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Russell Westbrook Totally Ignores Reporter Asking If He's Tired Of Trade Rumors: "Why Not LeBron? Why Not Anthony Davis?"

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook remains one of the most recurrent topics in the NBA right now. The veteran point guard didn't have the best season with the Los Angeles Lakers last year and now is trying to prove that he can be valuable to the franchise, even though the fanbase and certain people within the organization want him out of it. 

That's why he's been linked to so many teams in recent times, as the Lakers have been urged to get rid of him and bring another player. That guy could be Kyrie Irving, but first, they need to figure out what to do with Westbrook this offseason. A trade for Irving has been mentioned, but they'd need another team to make it happen. 

The Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz, and more teams have been mentioned as potential Westbrook landing spots, but the player doesn't want to hear any of that. 

Recently, Westbrook was approached by a paparazzi trying to get his reaction to all the trade rumors involving him. Russ wasn't having any of that and just ignored the reporter while talking to other people outside what it looked like a restaurant. 

"What's up Russell? How are you doing, Russell? Every day they send you to a different team, man. Are you tired of that?" The reporter is heard asking while Westbrook got the keys to his car. "I'm tired of that, Russell. Don't you get tired of that? Why not LeBron? Why not Anthony Davis? But if you stay, you're gonna get that ring, Russell. I'm pretty sure."

Russ then got in his car and started driving, while the reporter wished him a good night. It's pretty clear that Westbrook is really tired of all the talking, but it's not like he'll give the media more to talk about this offseason. Darvin Ham is apparently ready to make him a competitive player again, so Lakers Nation should get ready to see Westbrook wearing the Purple and Gold next season unless something extraordinary happens.