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Scottie Pippen On LeBron James Making The Finals This Year: "He Still Has To Prove He Can Lead A Team Himself. I Think Anthony Davis Has Shown He’s More Valuable To Them On The Offensive End."

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Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has once again taken shots at LeBron James and his capacity to lead a team to a championship. Bron has made it to his 10th NBA Finals appearance with the Los Angeles Lakers this year, but not everybody believes he is the main responsible for the Lakers' success this campaign. According to Pippen, that honor belongs to Anthony Davis, who was become the offensive leader of the team.

While talking with Forbes about the 2020 NBA Finals, Pippen said that James hasn’t proven “he can lead a team himself” to a championship. In fact, he believes AD is more valuable to the team than James.

“I don’t take nothing away from the Lakers and LeBron going to his 10th Finals,” said Pippen. “He still has to prove he can lead a team himself. I think Anthony Davis has shown he’s more valuable to them on the offensive end but I think Miami has more offensive weapons they’ll be able to throw at LA.”

Moreover, he said the Miami Heat has the edge over the Heat due to their style of play and how well-oiled they are entering the big series.

“I think it’s going to be a great series. To me, Miami has a little bit of the edge. I think people are overlooking how well they’ve played and their style of play,” said Pippen.

Pippen won't give anything to LeBron, apparently. The man has done impressive things at age 35 but not everybody is convinced he deserves all the praise he's received. Scottie has always favored Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate and nothing can change that, but you have to admit LeBron's run this season has been remarkable.