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Scottie Pippen Says He Wishes He Played With Kobe Bryant

Scottie Pippen Says He Wishes He Played Together With Kobe Bryant

Scottie Pippen played with Michael Jordan for 12 seasons while donning the jersey of the Chicago Bulls. In his NBA career, Pippen achieved many things, but one thing is for sure, he was always considered second to MJ on the team. 

After all, MJ is considered the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA. So it doesn't matter whether it was Pippen or any other player on the Bulls, they would have never been able to reach the no. 1 spot on the team.

But what if Pippen played with another all-time great player? We are talking about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. In a recent interview, Pippen himself expressed his desire to play on the same team as the Mamba.

"The one teammate that I wish I could've played with and I didn't play with was Kobe Bryant."

Pippen further mentioned about Kobe, "Kobe really idolized the way I played the game, the way that I defended, and you know, a lot of it, he started to call me after I retired and to ask questions about different situations. How you would guard certain people? What kind of foot work would you do this? What would you do in this situation? Just picking your brain to enhance his ability out on the basketball court. You know, he was a great student of the game, and you know, he would ask me questions about how would I guard Michael in this situation, this and that. And just, you know, just trying to improve his craft.

(starts at 34:35)

It is great to see one NBA legend praising another. Moreover, this interview might improve the reputation of Pippen. Recently, he has made some very questionable comments about various things.

Many have now started believing that the relationship between MJ and Pippen is far from perfect. Despite that, Pippen revealed that the best teammate he has ever played is without a doubt Michael Jordan.

Speaking of his relationship with his teammates, Pippen also opened up about his relationship with Dennis Rodman.

Whether there are a few differences between the Chicago Bulls legends, fans will hope that they solve them sooner rather than later. Because there might come a time when such comments would just tarnish their legacy.