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Shanghai Sharks Incredibly Listed As A Possible Destination For Ben Simmons

simmons shark

After a disastrous 2021 NBA playoff, Ben Simmons has been linked with several rumors that don't seem to stop anytime soon. The Philadelphia 76ers point guard again failed to deliver to his team when it mattered the most, earning a lot of criticism from fans and analysts.

Following a painful early exit from the playoff, rumors surfaced, putting the Australian out of the Sixers. As the days went by, these rumors were confirmed. Moreover, Simmons reportedly doesn't want to continue with the team. However, he will probably be part of the squad during training camp

Everybody around the league is convinced Simmons' days with the Sixers are numbered, and people started predicting where he'll play next. Several teams like the Warriors, Timberwolves, Kings, and even Trail Blazers have been linked with the player. Oddsmakers, though, believe there's a chance the point guard can continue his career overseas. 

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has been very popular among fans in the past couple of seasons. Whenever a player underperforms, NBA fans put them in China to continue their careers. Of course, Simmons has been part of that group. It all started as a joke, but recent developments suggest that it could be more serious than we thought. 

BetOnline places the Shanghai Sharks as one of the teams where Simmons could go play next, although the odds are not in the CBA's team favor. 

This is highly unlikely to happen, but if they find a way to convince Simmons to join them, the internet would go nuts. Ben's future is still bright, and plenty of people believes he only needs a fresh start to blossom into the star he was expected to become. 

Hopefully, that can happen with an NBA franchise, not in China. Still, anything can happen in the association. Time will tell how this saga ends and what will be next for Simmons.