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Shannon Sharpe Says A Healthy Lakers Team Is Unbeatable

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The Los Angeles Lakers have drawn plenty of contrasting takes and the NBA season hasn't even started.

People are tearing them apart and saying that they're old and that they're fit isn't good. Others, however, believe that talented players always figure out how to play together.

That's the case with Shannon Sharpe. The former NFL star said that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have made great strides recently and that it proves just how much they want things to work out.

Per Sharpe, that means that health is the only thing that could stand in the Lakers' way to win a ring:

“LeBron and Russ have gone out of their way to make sure that it does work," Sharpe said. "That's what you gotta do. You've got to find what the guys like, get to know each others' families. You go to the gym, 'where you want the ball? this is where I want the ball' 'how you see the game? this is how I see the game.' And they did a great job of that. They went out to Vegas, had a couple of practice sessions early, and so I believe it's going to work. I believe these guys are going to do everything to make sure it's going to work. Ideal pairing? No, Skip, it's not ideal. But when two people want something to work equally as bad, there's nothing that they can't do if they want it to work (...) If the Lakers stay healthy, we’re going to be the last team standing, we’re unbeatable.”

The Lakers are stacked. At least on paper, even if most of their veterans are beyond their prime, they're just too talented, too experienced, and too good not to be considered one of the clear-cut favorites.

Hopefully, they'll be able to stay healthy and silence their critics.