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Shannon Sharpe Slams Russell Westbrook: "25, 15, And 15 Is Not Normal. What Is Normal Is You Turning The Ball Over At A High Rate. You Playing Out Of Control More Times Than Not."

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Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers have been disappointing this season, and they are far from the championship team that many thought they would be. As of now, they are 16-18 and the 9th seed in the Western Conference.

A lot of fans and analysts have blamed point guard Russell Westbrook for the team's problems. While he is a good player, many have pointed to his turnovers and poor defense as problems for the team. Russell Westbrook however, thinks that he's been playing fine and stated that people expect him to get "25, 15, and 15" which is simply not normal.

Shannon Sharpe has recently responded to that comments from Russell Westbrook. When speaking to Skip Bayless on Undisputed, Sharpe agreed that "25, 15, and 15" isn't normal. However, he also took a jab at Westbrook and stated that it's "normal" for Russell Westbrook to turn the ball over a lot and play out of control.

Skip they're the 9th seed in the West... Russ says I'm fine... As you said, 25, 15 and 15 is not normal. What is normal is you turning the ball over at a high rate. You playing out of control more times than not. You taking terrible shots more times than not... Skip, he just doesn't get it... Nobody is asking you to put up those historic numbers.

There is no doubt that the Lakers haven't performed well since the Russell Westbrook trade. Some of the concerns about shot selection and turnovers are also valid. However, there are other factors involved in the Lakers' poor record as well, such as injuries to key players like LeBron James.   

We'll see if Russell Westbrook can address the concerns that many have about his play. He's certainly had his fair share of good games as well. Hopefully, we see him improve, and the Los Angeles Lakers will certainly be better if he does.