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Shaquille O'Neal Says That Stephen Curry Is The Best Player In The World 'By Far'

Stephen Curry

When it comes to basketball takes/opinions, there is a lot of room for argument. But when discussing the best player in the world right now, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny 'The Jet' Smith find no disagreements.

On the 'BIG podcast,' Shaq and his friend/colleague Kenny revealed who they believe is the best player in the game is right now, and you might not be shocked to learn that they picked Warriors star, Stephen Curry.

"The real ones are recognized by the championships that you have," O'Neal said. "Nobody plays better than Steph Curry. He's a tough shot taker, tough shot maker. I like where he's brought his career. I love 'Rocky'-type stories. . . . Steph wasn't highly recruited. So, to be able to work that hard and be the best shooter and one of the best players in the league, he gets my props for that. I love that kid."

It's no secret that the 2x MVP is Shaq's favorite modern-day player. Besides admiring his performance and impact on the court, Shaq also highly respects Curry's leadership and character.

"Steph Curry is messing the game up. I'm on the internet now, I see a bunch of little kids dribbling, shooting 100 footers… He’s doing something for them, he has given them a chance… Steph is probably the most influential player when it comes to little people, right? Cause I see a lot of little guards, like little kids… they’re doing stuff I can’t even do, and it’s good. I used to hate him, early on in his career… But he proved me wrong, that’s why he’s my best player. I like being proved wrong. So my message to these young kids when I say something, prove me wrong."

Obviously, Steph is one of the game's biggest stars -- and for good reason. As an 8x All-Star, 2x MVP, 2x scoring champion, and 4x title winner, there isn't anything that Curry hasn't done in the NBA.

So it's only right that he gets the recognition he deserves by some of the game's all-time greats.