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Sixers Announcer Goes Viral For Josh Giddey, Joel Embiid Collision: "No Offense To Giddy, I Couldn't Care Less..."

Sixers Announcer Goes Viral For Josh Giddey, Joel Embiid Collision: "No Offense To Giddy, I Couldn't Care Less..."

27-year-old Joel Embiid is the heart and soul of the 76ers. Since his arrival in 2014, he has been at the front and center of the organization's focus and over the years, he has proven worthy of that attention.

Unfortunately, Embiid has also endured an injury-riddled past, including damage to his shoulders, knees, hand, and foot.

So far this season, Embiid has avoided having to miss any time but it's true that the entire Sixers fanbase holds its breath every time Embiid hits the floor.

That fact was proven true again on Monday night when a Sixers announcer went a little crazy during one of the big man's tumbles.

“No offense to Giddy, I could care less. But this guy (Embiid), you don’t want to see him fall awkwardly because you worry as a Sixer fan.”

To dismiss Josh Giddey's health so easily was a questionable moment, to say the least. Nobody is blaming the announcer for worrying about Embiid, but perhaps that bit about not caring at all about Giddey could have been avoided.

Whatever the case, fans made sure to talk about it on Twitter.

It's certainly a harsh and ill-advised thing to say on national television, but Philly fans will understand. 

As a guy with such an injury-riddled past, it seems like every fall or tough foul could become something more and with Ben Simmons looking for his way out, the future of the franchise rests entirely in Embiid's hands -- and he looks more focused now than he ever has before.

"He went into the year with a huge chip on his shoulder..." said Tobias Harris. "With Doc as well, under that. He was like alright. He saw the first couple games, how the flow of the team was going and how we wanted to play. He was like "Wow, I can be dominant out there. So, this is what I'm gonna do on a daily basis. He took that and ran with it. You just saw him expand his game...

I think he's going to be the MVP this year."

So, without a healthy Embiid, the Sixers don't stand a chance in the East, even with guys like Tobias Harris and Seth Curry.

With so much on the line, and so much dependant on the health of their star big man, it makes sense that the Sixers community get a little freaked out when they see him go down.