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Skip Bayless Explains How Kawhi Leonard Made LeBron James Look "Foolish"

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

When it comes to the critics, skeptics, and naysayers, perhaps no player in the league has more than LeBron James. As the self-proclaimed "King," and one of the most well-known athletes on planet earth, people are divided on just how good the guy is.

Skip Bayless is and has always been one of Bron's toughest critics, and recently explained how he was embarrassed by his rival Kawhi Leonard in his latest rant about the Lakers star.

The stats are obviously fact, and Skip uses them here to try and draw this point: that Kawhi's minutes and numbers are more meaningful and impactful than James'.

But to LeBron's credit, the Lakers have a much better record than the Clippers, who have lost 4 of their last 10. Also, Bron is 35-years-old -- the fact that he's even putting up these types of numbers at all is an achievement in itself.

No matter whose side you're on here, the "LeBron vs Kawhi" narrative has been a hot topic since Leonard signed with the Clippers this past summer. With Skip and others only adding fuel to the fire, it's likely that the "rivalry" will only intensify in the weeks to come.