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Skip Bayless Posts Ridiculous Argument About LeBron James Investing Money Into His Body: "How Can Anyone Know Whether KD Or Kawhi Spend More Than LeBron? Just Laughable LeBron Myth-Making."

Skip Bayless Accuses LeBron James Of Stat-Padding: "LeBron James... Is Still In The Game Trailing By 22 With 5:08 Left, To Stat-Pad With Easy Garbage-Time Buckets As He Chases Kareem’s All-Time Scoring Record.”

It's no secret to anyone that Skip Bayless is not a fan of LeBron James. While Skip himself has denied accusations of being a 'hater' when it comes to LeBron, there is little debate on Skip being overly critical of LeBron. And his latest argument might be one of the most ludicrous that he has made.

Skip Bayless took to Twitter to talk about LeBron James' investment into his body. It is well known that James has poured a lot of money over the years to make sure that his body is in pristine shape, thus elongating his career. But Skip doesn't think that LeBron is the player that spends the most on his body.

Skip suggested that LeBron spending the most money on his body is a myth propagated by the media to boost James up. He also asks for evidence to prove that James spends more money than players like Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard on his body in order to disprove its status as a myth.

I love this media myth that "nobody spends more on fitness than LeBron James." How can anyone know that? Has an audit been performed on all NBA stars fitness spending? How can anyone know whether KD or Kawhi spend more than LeBron? Just laughable LeBron myth-making.

It was a truly odd thought, and one has to question why exactly Skip is thinking about this. LeBron's investment into his body is not something that furthers or takes away from his argument as the greatest of all time. But perhaps Skip thought it was a unique way to put down James, for something that has helped elongate his career for so long.

Bayless will probably continue to find new and bizarre ways to put LeBron down. But not everyone is going to stand for it, as Kevin Durant recently slammed Bayless, despite the fact that Bayless called KD the best in the world. So while Skip continues to talk about the players, they're not necessarily paying attention to him.