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Matt Barnes On Steph Curry Making Incredible Shots: "I Can Never Say Steph Curry Made A Lucky Shot."

Matt Barnes On Steph Curry Making Incredible Shots: "I Can Never Say Steph Curry Made A Lucky Shot."

Stephen Curry's abilities as a shooter are other-worldly, with most people believing that he can make any shot that he attempts. Curry is considered the greatest shooter of all time, which is why people think that any shot he takes is a guaranteed bucket. And his former teammate Matt Barnes insists that luck has little to do with Steph's shots.

Former NBA champion Matt Barnes spoke recently with Draymond Green, talking about his time playing with Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. During the interview, Matt Barnes spoke about his experience sharing the court with Steph as an opponent and a teammate.

He said that Curry practices all types of shots, including the awkward and difficult shots. This is why he says that Steph Curry does not need luck to make shots. He practices all kinds of shots, something he witnessed while playing for the Warriors and waiting for a chance to shoot around after practice was over.

“Just to see some of the shots he took, and no matter what our defensive approach was, he would find a way to make something happen. When I got a chance to come to your guys’ team at the mid-way point of that 17th season, I think what blew me away the most is… You’ve only been on that team, you don’t know no different. But I’ve been on teams where once practice is over, the gym is empty. I went to this team, and I had to wait to get on the court because all 8 f*cking hoops, everybody is working… I would have to sit 30-40 minutes sometimes an hour just to get my normal, stay-in-shape old man routine off. I would watch the off-balance, awkward body angles, one-foot, leaning, left hand, right hand, all the shit they were working on. And I was like any shot that Steph makes on the court is not luck. I can never say Steph Curry made a lucky shot. He works on the odd angles, the awkward hand, the off-the-glass, the half-court shots he shoots like they’re f*cking layups while we’re warming up.”

Barnes has always been very complimentary of Curry and the Warriors, especially because he got to play with them while winning a championship to close out his career. And he does believe the Warriors will win the championship this season, as they are playing the best basketball across the league.

Curry will be pivotal to any kind of championship run the Warriors make this season. He is playing at an MVP level and has been one of, if not the best player in the NBA. And his performance will be critical for the Warriors, especially during the postseason.