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Matt Barnes Says The Warriors Are Title-Bound This Season: "They Are The Best Team In Basketball."

Steph Curry

The Golden State Warriors may not be the same team they were years ago, but their path this season could end the same exact way.

Behind the heroics of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, the Dubs are playing like one of the best teams in basketball, at a level we haven't seen since their first run ended in 2019.

And while many questions remain about how they stack up against some other title contenders, NBA analyst Matt Barnes is certain they could win it all.

(via the Dubs Talk Podcast)

“A championship.

"I think their key is acclimating Klay back and seeing where he is at, with a long two-year layoff,” Barnes said. “I think Wiseman will come back and fit in, and just figure out what his role will be will be important, but like I said he’s someone that rim runs, blocks shots, has a 15-footer, he’s someone that can help control that paint."

“If the Warriors get healthy, in my opinion, they are the best team in basketball.”

Barnes isn't the only one to feel strong about their chances. A lot of others also feel pretty good about the current state of the Warriors.

After the loss, Green admitted that this is starting to feel like Golden State's run of five straight NBA Finals appearances when all eyes were on them in and out of the arena.

"Yeah, you start to feel that," Green said. "You show up before a game for shooting and the crowd's already packed. The attention around the team, you definitely start to feel that. Feels a little familiar." 

The biggest factor for the Warriors will be the return of Klay Thompson. Ie he comes back and plays at least close to what he was before, it could be all they need to bring home another Championship.

Either way, The Warriors are a team to fear again and nobody will be surprised if they end up back on top of the basketball world when the season is all said and done.