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Draymond Green On The Warriors Being Good Again: "Feels A Little Familiar..."

Draymond Green On the Warriors Being Good Again- "Feels A Little Familiar..."

From 2015-2019, the Golden State Warriors etched their place in NBA history by winning 3 Championships in 5 straight Finals appearances.

Throughout that run, Dub Nation was the epitome of success and the franchise gained fame and notoriety around the basketball world.

Today, the Warriors find themselves in a similar state following a series of abysmal performances. At 22-5 on the campaign so far, Draymond Green says the resurgence reminds him of their amazing run years ago.

(via NBC Sports)

After the loss, Green admitted that this is starting to feel like Golden State's run of five straight NBA Finals appearances when all eyes were on them in and out of the arena. 

"Yeah, you start to feel that," Green said. "You show up before a game for shooting and the crowd's already packed. The attention around the team, you definitely start to feel that. Feels a little familiar." 

While the Warriors have yet to earn any hardware this season, they are certainly on track to put together another long playoff run, and team coach Steve Kerr knows his team is special.

“We have a really good team. That’s the main thing,” Kerr said. “If you’re good and you can defend like we are defending, then you will win a lot of home games."

"I love the way we have established that early on the season. Our fans feel it. We can hear our fans every night. We hear the noise, energy and excitement. We’re building something with our fan base this year that’s really special.”

With a healthy Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, it's really no surprise that Golden State has found their groove. When Klay Thompson and James Wiseman return from their injuries, it'll only boost their chances of success.

Whether or not they'll go all the way, though, remains to be seen.