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Steve Kerr On The Warriors Being Good Again: "We’ve Earned This And Our Fans Have Earned This Too.”

Steve Kerr On The Warriors Being Good Again: "We’ve Earned This And Our Fans Have Earned This Too.”

After winning 3 Championships in a 5-year span, the Golden State Warriors fell off hard, succumbing to injuries and roster changes that made them a shell of their former selves.

But this season, with the core group back and better than ever, Dub Nation is picking up where they left off years ago. 

Speaking to the media, head coach Steve Kerr shared his thoughts on the state of the team this season, and how the overall culture and atmosphere is at an all-time high.

Here's what he said in a recent chat with the media.

(via NBC Sports)

“We have a really good team. That’s the main thing,” Kerr said. “If you’re good and you can defend like we are defending, then you will win a lot of home games.

I love the way we have established that early on the season. Our fans feel it. We can hear our fans every night. We hear the noise, energy and excitement. We’re building something with our fan base this year that’s really special.”

After being subjected to two years of mediocrity, the team's return to greatness is something the fans deserve.

“It’s different given that we are in a different building than we were a few years ago when we were on top of the league,” Kerr said. “This feels fresh and new and after the last couple of years, we’ve earned this and our fans have earned this too."

With Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, there was always a sense that the Warriors would be competitive this season, but nobody expected them to be this good.

The team is 17-2 through 19 games (the NBA's best record), with an offense and defense that rank near the top. All of this is without Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, who have yet to make their debuts this season.

In the end, after all the Warriors were able to accomplish during the KD era, it's great to see them relevant once again, and one has to wonder what more they'll be able to do over the next few years.