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Skip Bayless Says This Is LeBron's Best Chance To Win The Finals

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

The 2019-20 NBA season is set to restart in Orlando in just a few weeks. And while everyone will be in mostly uncharted territory, there is optimism that the season will be able to conclude in a successful and exciting manner.

For players and their respective teams, many are wondering how the new format and the restart (after a long hiatus) will impact the difficulty of the upcoming title.

On UNDISPUTED, sports analyst Skip Bayless declared that now was the best chance to win, especially for LeBron and the Lakers.

The break not only served a great benefit to 35-year-old James but also to the others vets on the Lakers roster (which is among the oldest in the league.)

With time to rest, heal, train, and prepare for a title run, the case can be made that they are better off now than they've been all season.

But they will also enter the Orlando restart with a few questions. How will they deal with the loss of Avery Bradley? How will the players adjust to the circumstances?

Obviously, it remains to be seen what the Lakers can do this postseason. There are no guarantees. But Skip may be right in saying now is the best time for LeBron to win. It's not every season that he gets months off, and the Golden State Warriors will be back in the picture by the time the 2020-21 campaign kicks off.

LeBron, no doubt, realizes this more than anyone.