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Skip Bayless Selects The Top 10 Best Players From The NBA Top 75 List: Michael Jordan 1st, LeBron James 9th

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Over the past couple of days, everybody around the league has revealed who they think the greatest player of all time is, while also making lists for the best players to ever play in the league. The NBA has had incredible stars during its 75 years of existence and not everybody can be considered among the top of the top. 

This is a difficult task for anybody, including ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who had a lengthy explanation as to why he picks Magic Johnson as the fourth greatest player of all time

More figures have completed this exercise and Skip Bayless isn't the exception. The controversial analyst recently was tasked to select the top 10 best players from the NBA's Top 75 list. He didn't hesitate and came up with a rather interesting list. 

10. Wilt Chamberlain

9. LeBron James

8. Larry Bird

7. Kobe Bryant

6. Bill Russell

5. Tim Duncan

4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

3. Shaquille O'Neal

2. Magic Johnson

1. Michael Jordan

Skip knew what he was doing when he did this list. He was very sure about it, and no one can change his mind. Shaquille O'Neal was an incredible player that dominated during his era, but not so many people will have him top 3 of all time. Besides, putting LeBron James at 9th is a lot, even for him. 

James is considered a top 2 player of all time to most fans around the world, but Bayless thinks differently. He surely stirred the pot with this list, and fans will go after him in no time. 

Still, seeing how crazy some lists are nowadays, that James makes it to the top 10 is already a victory. He's a complete legend in the league and nobody can change that, no matter how hard Skip tries.