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Skip Bayless Takes Another Shot At LeBron James: "Happy Birthday, GOAT... 49 Days Early."

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

For those that don't know, December 30th marks a very important date for LeBron James. It was on this day, 36 years ago, that he was born in Akron, Ohio.

Now a 4x Champion and NBA basketball legend, James' birthday has become a pretty big deal for the NBA community, who continue to be impressed with what he is able to do on the basketball court.

For FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless, however, LeBron's birthday is just another excuse to call out the "real" GOAT, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Following a rant in which Mr. Bayless called Bron and his followers a "cult," he went on Twitter to wish Happy Birthday to his favorite player instead.

Skip is probably the community's biggest LeBron hater. For years, even since before his arrival in Miami, Bayless has been highly critical of James, refusing to buy the notion that he, in any way, challenges Michael as the greatest player ever.

Now, at 36, LeBron continues to inch closer to that title -- but it's clear not everyone is sold.

For Skip, even LeBron's birthday isn't reason enough for him to break from his pro-MJ narrative. We'll see if another Championship (ow two) will be enough to sway him.